What We Devour

 by, Linsey Miller

Review by Anja

What We Devour is about Lorena Adler, who is both Vilewrought and Noblewrought. In this world, the Vile and Noble wroughts are people who have small pieces of the actual Vile and Noble--otherworldly demons-- that used to live with humans in the past. Vilewroughts have the ability to destroy through sacrifice and Noblewroughts have the ability to create through sacrifice. Lorena has hidden the fact that she has the power of both her whole life, but when the notoriously evil bloodthirsty crown prince comes to arrest her best friend/betrothed’s father she makes a deal to help him repair the weakening door holding back the Vile from coming back to this world in return for a fair trial. 

In general, I thought this book was really good, though it did have some flaws. I loved the gloomy atmosphere that mirrored the dread and almost hopelessness that Lorena feels throughout the book due to her world’s problems. The magic system was pretty unique, but at times it was kind of confusing(though I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying it.) What I think I liked most about this book were the characters. I found most of the characters really interesting and was always excited to learn more about them. There weren’t any people I disliked unless they were a villain you weren’t supposed to like, and Lorena--who is ace--was a very reasonable and smart main character. I loved seeing her interact with other people in the story, especially the crown prince. I really enjoyed it when Lorena explained how she always liked the little things like touching and holding hands and hated the expectations that came after that in regards to her sexuality. The book also included lots of commentary about capitalism and how it expects you to suffer and constantly work yourself to the breaking point, all while feeding you the false narrative that one day you will be as rich and powerful as the people you worked for. 

The main thing that I disliked about the book was probably the ending. The book's overall pacing was pretty slow but I like that it was because it provided good build-up and escalation throughout the story the whole time, still keeping me intrigued and wanting more. The ending, which was kind of anticlimactic and confusing, ruined that a bit. It felt like they didn’t fully solve the problem and the conclusion just left me with a lot of questions.

Overall I still really liked this book though because of the ending I would give it four stars out of five.