Welcome to the Book Terminal!

Hello and welcome. I am so excited to start on this adventure with everyone. I will be the first to admit that this is going to be quite the challenge. It will take time and not every portion of the website will be available to start. Adding new influencers to the database by hand is going to take a little bit. But I will have the members page available for those who join. This will give a few peeks at who everyone is and where they are on the book world sites. It is my dream to have a central place where those who mainly stay on one platform can find others or even branch out to a new place. To connect, grow individual platforms, and in the future maybe more. I have dreams for this but I need to start small!

I will be adding events and databases and so much more over time. If you are hosting an event, readathon, 48 hr challenge, or anything else you can always put it in the suggests and I will add it to the calendar.

The big thing is that this is brand new and run by one person. I can't give out miracles over night. So I hope to grow this community slowly and create the hub for book lovers everywhere.

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