What are you up to this month?

Happy October everyone!

Can you believe 2020 is almost over? I feel like I am still stuck in March. I wanted to check in with everyone as the website has been quieter lately. I haven't been adding much. I wanted to give you a few reasons why. And what you can expect this month.

What have I been up to?

My house has been Home Edited. I am almost done with my kitchen and it feels so good. I will honestly say that I am watching a ton of Netflix (Julie and the Phantoms is my jam) and trying to relax.

I have also been deep in my #clearmyshelftbr plot. I am about 50 books done of either reading or DNF. It has been kind of my escape from everything happening right now.

As the website is now outlined and only needs updates every once in awhile; the pre-order incentives, coming 2021 books and such; I feel like I have more time for me.

What can you expect this month?

Wellllll I want to do a few giveaways possibly of some upcoming books. I also want to push for member sign ups and maybe find a way to add book blogging in. Maybe have people guest post if I can figure out how that works?

Wix friends if you know let me into that secret knowledge.

We also have 2 HUGE blog tours happening this month. Kingdom of the Wicked kicks off tomorrow and Among the Beasts and Briars later this month. So be on the lookout for lots of promoting when it comes to those.

Overall I am going to try to pull myself back into the book world and work more of this stuff as I did kind of go off into my own little world for a minute there. Lets see how October goes!

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