Blog Tour Email List available!

Hey everyone. We have so many new subscribers coming every day and I am so very very thankful. The website is a thing of love from me and I am working each day to add something new or change something to make it even better.

So what is new you ask?

Well I am working on a ton behind the scenes and with two wonderful ladies to make BLOG TOURS a thing!

If you follow my twitter @auburn_edge you probably saw me screaming about a big pub emailing back. We are working on some tours now. So hopefully in the near future we can reach out to those on the BLOG TOUR EMAIL LIST for sign ups.

Click that link above and join on the list. Those people will get the first shot at blog tours before we start blasting it over on Social Media.

What else is upcoming you ask??? Well here is a list of things I am working on in the background.

  • Badges for members (founding member, each book tour will give you one, rep b/s/t, etc)

  • Speaking of B/S/T I am going to create a separate forum just for that.

  • Figure out if I can make messaging happen for members

  • Event Calendar Updates

  • So much more. I should honestly just start a VLog for this

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