It is Monday again. I have taken the whole weekend off to play video games and basically do nothing. It was glorious. I did no work, no reading, and just zoned. But I am back at it. This week is going to be all about adding pre-order incentives, April-June 2021 releases, and some promotion. I need to do better about getting the word out about this site. I absolutly love the amount of traffic I get but....MORE!

Basically my goal for the next few weeks is to up my twitter/social media presence and really get the word out. I have parts of this website desgined and set up that aren't being used. I would love to see those parts growing.

What parts you ask?

- Book Recaps

- Forums

- Book Trade posts ( seriously you can actually message people privately on the site so its not like you would have info out in public, and privacy policy is in place)

- other stuff that I have archived until things get going more.

That is a lot of stuff. But basically I want people to think of this website as a hub for bookish stuff. Adding in new businesses that reach out, blog tours, and a place to interact. A place you can jump on and see what books are coming out and what you can get for pre-orders. So much to do and all in one space.

That is the broad goal here. Its big and I know it is going to take awhile to get there but!

This website isn't even 3 months old and we already have 3 blog tours set up (MORE SIGN UPS COMING SOON!) and so many additions I need a nap just thinking about all of the work that has gone into this.

Until next update. Stay bookishly wonderful!

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