Misfit in Love

 by, S.K. Ali

Review by Dina

I love all of S.K. Ali’s books, and this one is no exception! There is just something about her writing and her stories that leave feeling so content and represented.

Misfit in Love picks up right where Saints and Misfits ends. Janna’s brother Muhammad and his fiancee Sarah are getting married the summer before she goes to college and Janna is excited, escpecially because she’s finally ready to tell Nuah how she feels. Things don’t go as planned however. Two of the new characters, Haytham and Layth show up and throw Janna into a love square, leaving her confused about her feelings.

All of the characters had such depth and really came alive. I love how well Haytham and Layth complement Janna’s personal and I enjoyed reading about the love square much more than I thought I would (I’m not usually one who enjoys love triangles/squares, but this one worked). I really liked reading Janna’s exploration of love.We also get to see Janna explore her relationship with her parents. She really demonstrates a lot of growth from book one in how she perceives her parents.

One of my favorite things about S.K.Ali’s books is how she incorporates such important topics in them. Misfit in Love focuses on internalized prejudice, especially anti-Blackness. I feel like we often forget that even POC have internalized prejudice, specifically anti-Blackness that no one ever broaches the topic. I really admire S.K.Ali for including this as these are such important topics that we need to have.

Misfit in Love did not end the way I thought it would, and honestly, it made me like it more. This book is not about ships, but is an exploration of love, and I think it stays true to Janna’s character. I don’t think you really need to read the Saints and Misfits (the first book) to understand what’s happening but I do think that it gives you a greater insight to what’s happening. I also really loved the Zaydam (characters from Love From A to Z) cameo!

This story was so impactful and I highly recommend it! If you haven’t already you should definitely be adding this to your TBR and preorder a copy of this amazing book!

I recommend this book for anyone who enjoyed any of Sk. Ali’s other books. I also think it’s great for fans of A Very Large Expanse of Sea, Hanna Khan Carries On and Ayesha at Last.

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions. All thoughts are my own and are unbiased.