Meet Cute Diary

 by, Emery Lee

Review by Jayati

3.5 stars

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book, because while I really enjoyed the writing and the plot, I often did not like the main character, Noah and his attitude towards the people in his life.

Noah runs a blog called Meet Cute Diary where he posts meet cutes of trans people, but really, they are just his imagined meet cutes. When someone makes a post doubting the credibility of Noah's meet cutes, he ends up getting into a relationship with Drew, a cute boy who he just met in order to try to save the blog.

Noah acts very entitled throughout the book, from complaining that his parents froze his card after he racked up a $400 debt on it to being very lazy and uninterested in his job, rarely pulling his own weight. He also doesn't act very well towards the people he loves, like his brother and his best friend, who both forgive him each time and yet, he doesn't seem to do much better.

However, we also see how Noah is just a flawed teenager trying his best and trying to save the blog the matters to him, even if it is by lying and getting into a fake relationship with Drew, whom he thinks he is falling for. I liked how Lee portrayed and discussed toxic relationships through them and how likely teens are to fall in love with anyone no matter how much the other person could be hurting them. I did like how the situation was resolved and Noah seemed to grow and understand that he deserved to be treated right and not taken advantage of.

I really enjoyed all the side characters, especially Devin. E is an amazing friend who's always there for Noah and I kind of wish the story was entered around em since I wanted to learn more about em. E had a complicated past and was trying to figure out who e is and I would've loved to see more of that! I did like that Noah helped e figure out which pronouns suited em even when e asked him to change them a few times.

I also liked the natural progression of their friendship into a relationship and how they both cared for each other and made sense together!

Overall, this was a fun coming of age story that discussed toxic relationships and accurately depicted how self-entered teens can be through Noah's story which was fast paced and gripped me right from the start.