Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating

 by, Adiba Jaigirdar 

Review by Sidhant

*Check Trigger Warning before reading please *

Content Warning for Coming Out ! 



I loved this book so much! First of all the cover, how gorgeous it is, secondly- the formatting inside the book and then the content- hani and ishu both were Likable protagonist, but still hani sometimes could be annoying in a good way lol. The dual pov was really one of the best part as how both them thought about their fake dates and their reactions and conversations. The side characters were the one who made the plot more interesting and how they were reacting to their dates.  Some the characters (hani's early weird friends) were so bad to hani that i wanted to punch them on the face, this book had so many relatable things and pop culture references and was the cutest thing ever


What i didn't liked - Sometimes it seemed super long and boring to continue and I wished it could be shorter but as it was an arc, there will be many changes in it!


Do I recommend this? Heck yes go buy yourself a copy, your bookshelf craves it.